21 December 2006

Christmas Gifts

Here are the ornaments I made for Christmas gifts. I believe I made 15 of them, including two for our tree. Did I already show you this? I mailed 7 of them yesterday so I don't think any of those people will get theirs for Christmas. Oh well, they can put them up next year. I was going to retake the picture because this isn't a very good one but I mysteriously can't find the batteries for the camera. When I find them I'll change the picture here. These were fun to make but after making so many of them I got a little bored with the monotony.

The other thing I wanted to post was the teddy bear. I am so happy with the way it turned out! I did one practice bear which turned out pretty good but I learned a lot from it and the second one is perfect. I could probably have stuffed it more but still, it's so cute. I'm giving this to my grandma for Christmas (she makes and really likes teddy bears herself) so I haven't told her about this blog yet so she won't see the bear before Christmas. Teehee. I don't like the ribbon around his neck so I think today I will come up with a fabric bow. Red would be best but I don't have enough of my perfect red fabric to make a bow and I'm currently restricted from purchasing more fabric. I'll find something though.

Boy, you'd think I could take more attractive pictures of the stuff I make than this. Oh well...

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Marie said...

The bear is so cute. Have the girls asked for their own?

You sure are getting good use out of that quilted ball pattern. I can't wait to get my ornaments :)