24 October 2008

Recipe War Prizes

I have a contribution to make to the prize pot for the recipe war winners!

My first offering is for a set of mini baking pans. There are 7 heart tart pans with removable bottoms, 2 mini pie plates, two mini heart cake pans, and two mini teddy bears.

The second offering is for a giant flower cookie pan. I have made the most scrumptious giant chocolate chip cookie in this. There are recipes on the back of the paper. Sadly, I no longer eat cookies, so this pan needs to go.

The final offering is for this Wilton silicone heart muffin pan. My boys failed to see the fun in having heart shaped muffins...

I would like to defer on the tie for the last month's contest to Joanna. Next time we tie, I'll take the win! Anyway, I'll add this post to the side bar for easy reference!


Marie said...

These are great! Thanks for the contributions! And for settling the tie. I'm never sure what to do about that. Wasn't the last tie between the Jo's also?

Johanna said...

I think it was - and Joanna gave that one to me. So I guess this is even more fair than I realized before!

Joanna said...

Why thank you!

Gosh, I can't decide between the hearts and the hearts. Or maybe the flower. Can I have it all? LOL.

Mmmmm...I think I'll go with the silicone thing. I think I will use it the most. But those heart tart thingies are really cute. But wouldn't the girls love having heart shaped muffins in the morning?

Meagan said...

Oh wow, now we are talking!!!! That flower pan would be wonderful for Savannah's birthday cake.... however there isn't even time to win before it would be needed.... and storing it in my tiny kitchen would drive me crazy. Litterally I have two drawers and two lower cabinets that have to contain everything except the breakable dishes! As it is I need it to go out the door not come in!!!! but oh so enticing!!!!

Johanna said...

Joanna, I have a couple of things to get in the mail as soon as I finish embroidering 2 burp cloths...I should get it done this week and then I'll mail out the muffin cups at the same time!