22 December 2006


Can you believe it? I've actually finished Starsky. It turned out a lot smaller than I expected, but it fits, so I'm thankful for that. I think the next time I try to use a significantly different yarn, I will take the time to do the math.

Here is the second go at Shane's scarf. Sorry for the crappy picture. He was in the other room and I was trying to hurry so he didn't cath me. I'm liking it. Thanks for the idea about using the lighter color all over with less striping. I think it's perfect because it will match the hat but not so much as to question the manliness of it. Also, the beige is 100% alpaca, so it fells so silky and soft, Shane will love it. I just hope I can finish it in time. He wants to watch a movie tonight, so I won't get anymore done today.

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Jo said...

i REALLY like it!!!!!