13 February 2007

Fabric Origami

I wanted to make a craft with the girls: Valentine's day cards for grandma. Well, I got all caught up in fabric origami and spent the entire day folding just three fabric flowers. The first was just practice and it was so horrible I didn't even finish it. The next two were easier and I think turned out very cute. Poor girls didn't get to help me at all with those. But Ella got to help me with the card. I found a pattern online for a crocheted heart, which is what you see on the front of the card. Whoever made that pattern though really should have said ch2 and turn over at the end of each row instead of ch1 and turn over.

By the way, IT'S A BOY!!! So now I get to send that blanket to Tina. I'm so excited!

1 comment:

Marie said...

Oh man! For a second I thought you meant that you were having a boy. That's good for Aiden that he will have a brother.

The flowers are so cute. I agree about the crocheted heart, you could probably make a better pattern. Ella is getting old enough to learn how to crochet isn't she?