23 March 2007


My friend Kristen just had her third daughter on Monday, March 19th. Her name is Amy. Isn't she sooooo beautiful! I was oohing and aahing over the pictures she sent when I came to this last one.

I said "Aaaawwww, she's so...wow! Look at that beautiful hat she's wearing. Gosh, I think that's the cutest knitted baby hat I've ever seen. Marie has got to see this!" So there it is. The cutest knitted baby hat I have ever seen. Can you make that hat?

A hearty hug to Jon, Kristen, Megan and Katy and big welcome to the world and sweet kisses to Amy. I love watching all these babies growing and being born! What a blessing.

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Marie said...

Yes! I could make that hat! I should work on a pattern after the bibs. Baby stuff would be good for me to knit so I can use up all my single balls of yarn. I'd have to remind myself how to crochet though.