26 July 2007

Umm, not quite right...hehe

Well, back in March, I learned how to make "Jester Balls" from Joanna. But I thought the balls was too small. So I enlarged the pattern. Well here is the first side, the one that was done first.

And it looked decent. I stuffed it with beans, and then it sat...and sat... and sat with a big gaping hole in it. Every once in a while I would move it to another spot and let it sit some more. I don't know why but maybe I hoped that it would correct itself with age... you see I had originally gone to sew it up when I stuffed it, and realized that somewhere along the way, something had gone wrong cause this is what it looked like when I finally did sew it up today.

So now it is going to go in the trash, cause that just definately is not right. The shape is not right, the material is pulling apart (it was some VERY cheap fabric) and well, it is just plain ugly. What went wrong??? I don't know, but at this point I don't care. It is too much work to fix it, especially since my kids already refuse to play with the other beanbags.

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Jo said...

ok, you can't make me laugh like that, it hurts my poor stretched-out tummy! that is really funny though.