09 August 2007

I did it

So I did it, I ordered the padfolio pattern. Unfortunatly, it will arrive while I am gone, but, it will be waiting for me when I get back!!!!! Now that is a way to cure the after vacation blues!!

Any pics yet??? I want to see Lily! Sorry mom, I really do love you too!


Johanna said...

I look forward to seeing your rendition of the padfolio. I am going to try my hand at the little artist case to make something for my niece who turns 5 in Sept. I actually have to do it soon because her party is the 19th while I will be in FL so I'll have to get it done before I leave.

Jo said...

i can't wait to see how it turns out, too! let me know if you like it. i'd be interested to see the pattern myself to see if it's something i'd like to purchase, too. i'm still considering buying the diaper bag pattern. probably just because it's a bag and i like making bags but partly because sometimes i want something different to carry my diapers and wipes around in. i don't do sippy cups and bottles though and there are pockets for those but maybe i can use them for cell phones and wallets.