12 September 2007

Almost done

The Front Cover

The Inside

So I finally made it to Jacksonville and bought some more white thread. So now I am almost done, though there is definitely not enough bulk to the note taker to be able to sew it up.

According to the directions it requires TimTex stabilizer, only found online, and since I have never used it, am a little weary of ordering it. I don't know maybe its just the ordering it from online issue... What else could I used though??? Hmm, I guess I could use wood, right Johanna?

And the pad of paper is not the right size either. It is actually a 1/2 too small. I borrowed it from another commercially made Padfolio but it isn't the standard size.

It is also hard to see, but there is a place for pencils on the side by the business card pocket. Hmm, should have put a business card and pencil in before taking the picture. Oh well.


Jo said...

it looks good though. you really did a good job picking out the fabric. i can see the pencil holders. if you didn't buy the craft apple padfolio which one did you buy?

Meagan said...

pink Chalk Studios

Johanna said...

You could try the wood. I don't think that 1/8 inch thick plywood, which is what the craft apple one calls for, is very expensive. And if you go to home depot, I think that they let you cut it in store and only buy a portion of the board. Do you have home depot in FL? The tim tex does look expensive.

Meagan said...

yeah. We have the home depot here in St Augustine, but I went ahead and ordered the timtex. What makes it better than the wood is that you can sew through it and then nothing can move. It is like the REALLY thick Pellon Craft stuff that Joanns carries except better quality from what I hear. In comparison, its about equal then cause the Pellon is 6 or 7 bucks a yard too.

I also got the seconds roll that was like 45% off. When I get it I will mail you a sample if you like.

Anonymous said...

I save different weights of cardboard, for craft projects.
I took a couple bookbinding classes and learned to use a thick board from art supply store. This is like serveral thinner cardboard glued together then you can cut the back strip with an exacto blade and metal ruler. The trick is to weight down anything you glue with a heavy rock, books, or bricks.