05 September 2007

Happy Anniversary To Us

I forgot to mention that today Del and I have been married for 8 years. I know you can't see Del very well here but this is his favorite wedding photo. Make sure you check out those pearly whites beaming from his direction. He looked that way pretty much the entire wedding.And then lookie here (since we're sharing old photos): Johanna and Jerry are at the left end, that's Johanna's brother Jonathan and his wife Stephanie in the middle, Johanna's mom (my godmother) Lyn showing the picture to her husband (Johanna's dad) Mark behind her. Johanna and Jerry had only been married two years when they attended our wedding. Don't they look cute? Well, maybe just a little bored.


Anonymous said...

Isn't she beautiful!! There is little wonder this is my favorite wedding photo. Happy Anniversary!

Johanna said...

Happy Anniversary!! That is a beautiful wedding picture. It so clearly shows the general emotion of the day. I do remember Del's smile being unstoppable! And we weren't bored...although it does look that way a bit. Maybe we were just waiting for the cake! :)

Marie said...

that picture is so cute! del looks *sooooooo* happy!