16 September 2007

I Love Joann's

Found some Christmas prints. The one on the top is going to be our Christmas tree skirt, and the one on the bottom that is FABOULOUS is going to be made into placemats for the Holidays. I was there for one hour and had a good time, I didn't even mind standing in a line that was 25 people deep!


Marie said...

i think that is the same pattern that my mom used to make us a tree skirt. it came out really nice, you will love it! and i really like the other material. very pretty!

Jo said...

yeah joann's is a great place to be. i haven't been since marie and johanna were here. don't you feel sorry for me?

Meagan said...

Ummm, sorry Jo, but I have seen your fabric stash. I can't feel sorry for you.

Just kidding. You should go to Joanns, its such a great place. It is definately a very happy place for us fabric lovers!

Johanna said...

You haven't been to Joann's since we were there?? What is wrong - something must be terribly wrong if it has been that long since you went!!

Even having seen your stash, I still feel bad for you. Are you having withdraw symptoms? :)