15 October 2007

Books and Websites

So I keep seeing books popping up on the other blogs here as of late... This one in particular.

I have seen it come up so many times that I am desiring to actually go and thumb through it. If only I could get to the book store without the girls. Ugh! I can see it now, If I don't take the stroller in, then they would be running up and down the aisles. If I did, then they would be locked in the stroller and pulling all the books within their reach off the shelves as the manager walks over to politely ask me to leave.

Okay so maybe it wouldn't be that bad, but still I think it is hard to go somewhere like that. Usually I flip through it online at Amazon but they don't have the search inside part.

I also went surfing. I found this website and thought it was pretty cute. Now I want to make the stuffed animals that she has on the website but, I can't find where to buy or download the patterns. hmmm.

But if you scroll down some, you'll notice -There that book is again. Look at the adorable elephant too, that can be made out of the book. Not that I have a thing to do with the elephant except to make it and let it collect dust, but I still think it is cute.


Meagan said...

Hmm, seems one of the times I saw it was on our website. Was it a good find???? Geez.

Kainoa said...

It was a great find! If you have the chance you should get it, there are so many things that look like they are simple, but also nice to make. If you lived closer to me I could watch the kids while you go to the book store. I hope you get it and are as happy with it as I am.That was funny to see it on the website again!

Jo said...

i bet you can't look inside it on amazon so you can't make any of the projects without buying the book.