13 October 2007


So I can't take as yummy of pictures as Joanna, but I made this last night and this morning. I don't think it is that bad for the first timer that I am!

The darker one has a cinnamon and sugar topping. Yummy!

It was lots of fun watching the yeast rise and stuff. I can only get better at it too!!! Just remind me to add lots of flour when kneading so that my hands don't turn into bread monsters!!!


Kainoa said...

Gee, that looks yummy! I want to grab it through the computer! You did a great job! Lots of flour is always good. Now I need to make something with the yeast as you have all gotten me excited to use it!

Jo said...

NICE! great job! isn't making bread fun? was it as tasty as it looks?