03 November 2007

Mommy Needs a Skirt, Too

I was unexpectedly de-kidded by my mom and dad on Thursday. Wow, it's not all that often that I get silence in the house. It was just me and Lily for two days. And Del. Anyway, I had been thinking that with so many kids and homeschooling and making things for them and other people I'd never get to make myself skirts out of some really beautiful fabric I bought a while back. So I decided this was my moment! I spent Thursday night and all day Friday working out the kinks and making practice skirts so I wouldn't ruin my good fabric. Well, it turns out my fabric is not a good selection for the skirt pattern I picked out. I'm sure eventually I could get it to work but I'll have to practice a lot more. Friday night I finally gave up trying to do something spectacular and just used some fabric Meagan's mom had bought years ago (like 70's or 80's) and had been storing all this time. Meagan gave it to me last year. I think it makes a very, very nice skirt!!!! It took me just 3 hours to make, including the invisible zipper.
Look at those fabulous pockets. Now I can use those instead of another tote of some sort. This is nearly the perfect skirt pattern, in my humble opinion.


Tina said...

That looks like a great skirt. I am not sure of what I am more jealous... your skirt making abilities or how teeny you are already!

Johanna said...

Ditto, ditto. I love the skirt!

Kainoa said...

What a pretty, flowy skirt! I will have to make that one of these days! It was cute to see Lily's little legs dangling as you hold her. Looks like you bounced back into shape right after having her!