23 November 2007

Sewing thoughts

So I was beginning to think that I was all crafted out. That maybe I had gotten to the end of the crafting inspiration that had been allotted for the year or something cause I had not desired to touch my sewing machine here for the last month or two. Since I don't knit or crochet, there was nothing else that I was doing.... at all. Maybe it was still getting over the stress of Savannah's appointments (which by the way if you didn't know, she was given a clean bill of health till January at least) or maybe it was the looming idea of the holidays and having done absolutely nothing for it. See, I love to craft the gifts for the holidays cause then I don't have to fight the mobs at the mall for the things I desire to give. Although the gifts aren't always as neatly sewn as if I had bought them, I like to think that it is a little more special than a store bought gift... and I didn't have to worry about terrorists...... (can you believe that they now think that they want to blow up the malls at Christmastime? But that is for another rant on another blog.)

All this to say,the holidays were looking pretty gloomy down here... or up here... or over here...Guess it depends on where you are reading this from. Then this happened:

They played CHRISTMAS Music on the radio today!

Usually it annoys the daylights out of me that it starts the day after Thanksgiving and goes non-stop for a month. It wouldn't be so bad if it were just a little cooler (Monday is supposed to be 80 degrees). I find that it is impossible to feel like Christmas shopping/crafting in November when it is so hot out, period. This year though it helped me to get a little more in the Christmas spirit and actually start working on the Christmas projects more.

So, I expect that I will start to get more done around here. It feels mighty nice too. It's funny but not feeling like doing anything actually makes me feel worse than just doing stuff. Unfortunately, there is too much stuff to do amongst all the fun crafty stuff.... like the pile of dirty dishes in the sink.


Marie said...

i'm so happy to hear that savannah is doing well. also, i read on your blog that you're expecting!! congrats! that would be so much fun if johanna and i get pregnant soon also.

i'm glad to hear you are getting that good old crafty feeling back. i think it probably was hard to think about being creative with all the things that were going on in your life. i think i'm going through something similar, except all the stuff going on is created by me. we were watching willy wonka last night and he was trying to figure out why his sales were so bad. he finally realized that when he is happy he makes good candy and when he is not happy, he makes bad candy. it just made me think about how you have to be in the right mind for the creativity to come out. anyway, i just know what you mean about feeling like you'll never get to be crafty again. but we're mothers of invention, so eventually we'll find our way back to craftiness :))

Johanna said...

The Christmas music always helps me get into the spirit of things. That and volunteering to host Christmas parites! I tell you this, there is nothing like knowing that 20-30 women are going to be in your house in 3 days for a Christmas party to motivate the old sack of bones to get something done! We even got all the Christmas decorations up yesteday!

RE: "That would be so much fun if Johanna and I would get pregnant soon also." Hear, hear!!

Tina said...

Congrats on the clean bill of health for Savannah :-)
And, Congrats on expecting a new one!!! I LOVE being pregnant... I am one of those annoying people that want everyone else to be pregnant too. hee hee. As Jack will be our last, which is very hard for me, I will just live vicariously through my friends!