28 December 2007

New Location

Jo and I have been working on a new location at http://mothersofinvention.wordpress.com. Check it out and tell us what you think. We figure it will be a while before we make the final transition because you'll have to all accept the invitation and get used to the new format. Please don't hesitate to tell us what you think, we want it to be inviting and interesting.


Tina said...

I like it... looks really nice!
Let me know what I need to do!

Meagan said...

Okay so I have the user name mlindbergfl over at wordpress but I can't gain access to the actual blog. So I think it is one of those things where the admin needs to invite again... cause the first invite only allowed me to register a screen name and create a new blog, but since we are already on there it made no sense to make a new one.

Kainoa said...

How do we post so it is on both? I see some posts are on the wordpress and some are on the blog. If it is pretty much the same, I will be happy so I don't have to stress out at the computer...gosh knows I do it a lot.