15 December 2007

A Revived Little Craft of Mine

So I used to make these all the time when I was in high school and the early years of college. I really like making them and I don't know why I stopped.... oh wait maybe cause all the tree guys got smart and stopped giving away the branches so they could make the extra money.

I made four in all, pretty much exactly the same. You want to know the best part though???? If you buy them from the tree guys then you pay $20 each, but I made all 4 for $10. A little more if you add the craft wire, berries and the metal ring, but I still had all the supplies I needed from when I used to make them. Even so, the grand total would have only been like $15 for the four all things included.

So next time you buy a Christmas tree, and they offer to fresh cut it and remove the lowest branch, just know you paid for those branches and you surely could get a wreath out of them.... and if you don't ask for them they will just keep them and then they make an extra $20 off the tree that you just paid full price for...

Okay, maybe its a pet peeve of mine that they can get away with that but, then again, we all have one or two of those pet peeves hanging around.

Also, if you didn't want to have to buy the branches like I did, you can get them for free at some of the big name retailers that sell trees.... ie home depot, Target... Usually they don't have the man power to use the branches for wreaths so they just throw them out. I was just too lazy to go get them from there this time. Maybe if I make any more I will try that first before I go buy them again.


Johanna said...

Those are pretty. But, for me, my tree goes in the attic each year until next Christmas rolls around, so there is no trimming off the lower branches here!

Joanna said...

nice! it looks great meagan! ours is a short little totally fake tree, too. del says it looks like the tree from charlie brown's christmas. it's really sad.

Meagan said...

awww, that is sad. Yeah ours is a fake tree too, but that is why I love the wreaths cause it brings the smell in without having to pay for the whole tree. Like I said try the big retailers and maybe they can give you a couple of branches for free so you at least can smell Christmas.