29 December 2007

So now what?

So now that Savannah and Ella have a kitchen set to play with.... Oh did I mention that? Savannah got one for Christmas. See?

But now she needs some food to go along with the kitchen and dishes. If I start now, hopefully they will be done by the time she even thinks about wanting some. Here is the only food ideas that I have found out there on the Internet as of yet, and I really like them cause they are just made of felt and not plastic from China with lead paint in them. I am debating on how they could have possibly made them (mostly size comparisons.... It looks like they mostly cute out felt and glued, then stuffed). I was also thinking that regular material would be better, so that if babies were to chew on them it wouldn't be so much of a problem, but atlas, I have done no more thinking about it then that. Partly because I have a work crunch deadline and having been the holidays, pregnant, and a case of the head colds coming through the house in the middle of December, well, things are a little behind.

Also, I think I posted about the really cool drawing case that Jo made for Savannah... If I didn't, well Savannah absolutely loves it, and I know that Jo has posted pictures of the bunch she did a while ago. Anyways, here is the problem... Savannah likes to rip out the paper and just carry it around the room.... she doesn't want to keep it in the cool book. Same with the crayons. Frankly, I don't want her to lose the crayons and or the paper, so Mike and I have put it up out of her reach. Is this a case of the not quite mature enough for it or do all kids do it and mom needs to get over it???


Tina said...

That food looks great...what a clever idea!
No help on the artist cases.... My kids seem to be anal about keeping them together. Of course, that is the only thing they are anal about!

Kainoa said...

Oh my gosh that food it so cute! I think it is so much better then that junkie plastic from china. It will be worth the work. Looks like savannah is already busy n her new kitchen! I loved mine when I was a kid!!!

Marie said...

the felted food is super cute! i agree with kai that it looks so much better than the plastic stuff. i wish caleb was more into stuffed things. i'd maybe possibly perhaps think about making some felted food myself.

Joanna said...

rachel des the same thing with hers and we've taken it away. i think two may be too young.

Johanna said...

Love the food. Looks like it would be a lot of work though. I always wanted a kitchen like that when I was a kid. She is going to love it for years to come!