08 December 2007

A Stress-free Christmas

In May, if you'll recall, I found Craft Apple and her now unavailable tutorial for making the Little Artist Case. I thought they'd be great Christmas gifts so I made 11 of them last summer and then recently posted on how I was all finished. I had my boxes packed and ready to send when I thought of Thomas and Carter and why didn't I make anything for them. And then what about Diana, Annabelle and Emily, I didn't make anything for them either. And then what about Del's nephew's kids (yes, Del is Great Uncle Del)? That right there is 7 more things to make. Plus I am making two things for my dad. So, I'm making or have made three more Little Artist Cases, another pair of mittens, two crayon rolls and something for Diana. It's a good thing we only have one more week of school and then get a 3 week break. You should see my living room, it's a total disaster area! I get up, feed the children, do school with one eye on the next project and then it's off to the races. But you know what? This has been my most stress free Christmas ever. Every time I think of someone new to make something for I just go to my stash, pick out some fabric and make it. It's WAAAAYYYY better than running off to some store and spending more money. What I like also is the lesson in giving. I know probably all these people don't need the things I am making for them and many them never send my kids a Christmas gift, but I just can't help but be blessed thinking about all the fun my girls have had with the Little Artist Cases and other things I've made them and knowing that their kids will have just as much fun with them, too. I am trying to make sure I'm giving the honor where it's due: God gave me the ability to "sew like the wind" and I am humbled by that and tickled by the appreciation people have for receiving a hand made gift.

Here's a couple of pictures of the crayon roll I made.


Johanna said...

Okay, I would be so jealous since I still have almost everything to make...BUT - It is 9:20 and I *just* got out of bed! That's right, slept in until after 9:00! It is kind of nice to be without kids for one night!

And Del shouldn't feel weird about being a great uncle. I am a great aunt too! Not only do I have a 3 year old great nephew and a 2 year old great nephew, I have a 1 1/2 year old cousin! How's that for being a generation off in our family! My cousins are more the age of my kids and my nieces and nephews (on Jerry's side) are more like my cousins!

Joanna said...

wow, that's really interesting. i guess technically i'm a great aunt, too but since they're not blood it's harder to see myself as really a great aunt. when gabby and aiden have kids then i'll really consider myself a great aunt.

and no fair rubbing the sleeping in...in. wait, no fair rubbing in the sleeping in.

Kainoa said...

Joanna, you are I just have to say you are a machine! God blessed you with talent and you are embracing it to the fullest! You go girl! I love all the gift you made for the kids. If I was a kid I would want one and be so happy, heck I want one now and I don't even have any crayons!