27 December 2007

Thank you Joanna!

So it is a theme with Mike and I that we just seem to leave the camera wherever it might fall. If you can't remember, we had to replace the camera this past spring cause, well, we lost it. This time at least it was left at Grandma and Grandpa's house and they were kind enough to return it today. Thanks Grandpa!

So now that I have the camera back, I can now share the wonderful secret santa that I received. At first I thought it was Johanna that had my name because too many of the gifts were arriving and no box had arrived for me yet. But it turned out that mine was hand delivered by Joanna herself. She preceded it with the comment, "Now I want one too." Hmm, what could it be??? Well, I will not keep you in suspense any longer.

The packaging was fabric, secured with safety pins, and tied with bias tape. The bow was none other than a button Christmas Tree Ornament, like the ones that she and the girls made for their tree.

Inside was the buttons, and Moda fabric... I forget what these kind of cuts are called right this minute but I am sure they have a more specific name... and all these other little goodies.

This was the kicker though. I absolutely love it. It's easier to see what it is in the next photo but I wanted to show the material that Jo pieced together for the outside... Isn't it just fabulous?!?!?!

Here is the inside. It was hard to tell from the last photo but it is a three ring binder that Jo slip covered and used to consolidate all the cool patterns that she and I had been drooling over online. Patterns from allsorts and Michael Miller's websites.... just to name a few. Oh, how fun! Now I just need to make all of them.

Here is a close up of what the inside cover has. There is a place for the pins and the pen and pencil. All super fabulously quilted.

Before I knew what it was, I thought well if she wants one too maybe I'll make her one too and we can each have one the other made.... Uh, sorry Jo but this one is beyond me. I couldn't even attempt it if I tried, especially without a pattern. Since I know there are many out there drooling, if there was a pattern you better post the link quick!!!! If not, I bet you could write it up and sell it for some good money!


Marie said...

ooohhhh!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!! fabulous! that must have been so much fun to open all of that! i'm really glad that we all did this secret santa gift exchange. it was so much fun to see what everyone came up with. We should definately do this next year!

Johanna said...

I think we should do it again too! I really enjoyed it.

As for Megan's gift - I want one too! I think we are all going to be trying to copy various gifts we saw here...

Kainoa said...

wow i am drooling now, I want to have an artist case. How do you get the pattern? I love the binder one too since I am going back to school in 2008 that binder case would be great! It looks like i might not be that hard, I think I could do it.
Looks like a great gift that never ends. You can enjoy that for a long time to come!

Kainoa said...

I already found an idea to do for next year for everyone. I am inspired by all the fun this was!