26 December 2007

Thank You Meagan!

Below you see the gorgeous wool that Meagan sent to me. They're warming themselves up for some exercises on my knitting needles.

Also, below you see Caleb with artist's case that Joanna sent. At first, he had ripped off a small corner of the present and then tossed it aside and said "I don't want that!" And of course, I said "WHAT!!!! You don't WANT that? How could you not want it? You haven't even opened it????" As I'm saying this he grabs one of the thousands of monster trucks and trains that he received. I guess that he saw the fabric and thought it didn't look very interesting. So eventually he opened it up and said "LOOK!! LOOK!! Pens!!" And so in the end, he loved it!

And I got my very own stationary case! I love the fabric! I fell in love with that years ago and I'm so glad that someone is finally putting it to good use. Sorry I don't have a picture at the moment.


Johanna said...

Great yarn! I cannot wait to see what you make with it!

Caleb's expression with that little artist case is priceless! Aaron loves his too. He has taken it with him everywhere he has gone since he opened it up!

Meagan said...

You are quite welcome. Hope the colors were right up your alley. I thought they looked good together, but not being a knitter all that yarn stuff is greek to me!