26 December 2007


So I know it is the 26th already and that I have yet to post the secret Santa gift that I received. It was the Coolest gift too. But I am not going to post it quite yet as I still have to catch my wind from the whirlwind holidays, and track down the camera that I think is somewhere.... My hubby had it last! We took it to my parents for Christmas day and come to think of it I don't know where it is now. And since I have been hobbling around all day today (It was a Christmas incident.... I hurt my leg trying to help inflate a kids bounce house with a bike pump.... rather funny but It will have to be told later.) I am not going to take the time to find it quite yet, maybe tomorrow.

I will give you a hint though.... I was the lucky recipient of Joanna's Craftiness so you know you will want to stay tuned. Cause I can testify it is fabulous!!!! Hopefully soon I will get the energy to use it.... Lord knows she gave me a fabulous reason to find that energy!

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