14 December 2007

The Twelve Days of Ornaments - Day Four

Everyone needs candy canes on their Christmas tree. How about permanent ones that's you don't have to feel obligated to eat, even though you hate them but feel guilty about throwing them away? These are so cute, but I have to say that I honestly couldn't figure them out. So, we improvised. I recommend hot glue and also I thought they looked better with a crocheted (just a chain stitch) length of yarn. Ella really liked this one. She's got the hang of the hot glue gun and she made a bunch of these by herself. I also recommend cutting the pipe cleaners in half, because they look cuter shorter. On this one you can see I doubled up the end because it looked kind of dumb so long. Anyway, enjoy!


Lyn said...

I love your ornaments Joanna! It will be so great having these memories for years to come. I am sure your girls will cherish them. I am amazed at how much you get done! It puts me to shame! (Have a wonderful Christmas!)Love ya, Lyn

Joanna said...

wow! thank you lyn!

Johanna said...

I cannot believe I didn't log on for a whole day and missed commenting on this one the day you put it up! So much or being an expert commenter!

This one looks great too. I read the directions and it seems like some sort of hot glue would be helpful! I find that any time there are directions to simply wrap yarn around something and tie off at the end, it needs some form of glue!