16 December 2007

The Twelve Days of Ornaments - Day Six

Julie over at Paper Pleasing Ideas has this fantastic paper ornament. I wasn't too excited about it until I actually made one. With the right paper these are just beautiful, the only thing I don't like about them is that they are so fragile. I don't know how I'm going to store them for next year. Other than that, they are very easy and we added beads to ours to spice them up a bit. Make sure to check out the tutorial because my picture doesn't do it justice.


Johanna said...

I like those. I don't have any ideas on packing them up for next year though. They do look like they'll get smooshed.

Did you not have any ornaments before you guys made all of these, or are you adding these to an already decorated tree? You guys will have the best tree on the block by the time you're done!

Joanna said...

ours was already decorated. but we haven't been collecting ornaments and probably 1/3 of our are at my parents house since we spend a lot of christmases there. i think the tree is going to be drowned in ornaments but we are having fun.

Marie said...

I like these very much. Maybe you should make each one its own little box. There's got to be a template online somewhere. You could make it out of posterboard.