28 December 2007

Vintage Sewing

I can't believe I'm posting this picture. But it's one of those things that's so hideous it's funny. I made this costume when I was 12 years old. That's right! I used to sew. I had forgotten all about it. But my mom had kept it all these years. I thought it would be funny to bring it home and show you guys what I made almost 2 decades ago! It even has shoe covers!

here's a cuter picture:

And this, my mom made. I thought it was so beautiful, so I brought this home too. If you click on the picture, you can see that it is quilted.

I was thinking that it looks pretty good with a black shirt and dark jeans. I don't usually wear stuff like this, but I think I would definitely wear this.


Marie said...

if you couldn't tell, it's a cat costume

Joanna said...

oh my gosh, i thought it was a cow costume, i kid you not. now that i'm looking at it i can't imagine why i thought so, it doesn't look anything like a cow.

nice jacket!

Johanna said...

I could tell it was a cat! What I cannot believe is that you are apparently the same size you were when you were twelve?? And this is proof that the sewing machine can be your friend!

I also like the jacket. It looks like your mom spent a long time working on it, too!

Marie said...

that's so funny! i didn't think about that. that i could fit into something i wore when i was twelve. the legs are short though. but it is really roomy. must be cause i weigh 30 more pounds than i did when i was twelve. maybe it was really big on me. i wish i had a picture of me wearing it back then.

Meagan said...

I really like the jacket that your mom made. I'm like you it isn't normally my style but I think it is really neat and would probably wear it just cause it is so cool. Tell you mom she has another fan.

Kainoa said...

Wow...what a cute picture of you in your cat costume. Derrek and cannot believe that you fit that now and you also fit it when you were 12! Whats up with that. I don't fit anything I fit when I was even 20! I think the vest looks great on you very elegant! You look great!