21 January 2008


So after last week of cleaning the bathroom through the Fly Lady stuff, I was getting more discouraged about the bathroom walls. You know how the builders always use this beige paint that blends in with everything else in the house. Well, we have never painted a single wall in this house other than the bottom chair rail strips in Savannah's room. Well, I finally got sick of it. I was at Chick-Fil-A this afternoon and it just so happens that it is 100 feet away from the Home Depot. So Savannah and I went to home depot. I looked at the colors and just picked one. A pretty nice clean green, not one that is dulled down with gray or brown, just a crisp clean spa like green. Or so I thought. It actually isn't that bad of a color, it is brighter than I wanted but it is the clear green that I was looking for. Want to know what it looks like??? Well It is the color of a bottle of Pert Plus Shampoo. If not a perfect match it is pretty close. So, Mike and I like it but we are still thinking we might go buy a little more white to tone it down by mixing it into the second coat paint. I also thought about taking the white and doing a little whitewashing over it or something, but it is such a small space that I am not sure how much texture we want. One things for sure though, now almost all of our towels clash. Oh well, I wanted new ones anyways. Our current ones are 5 years old. I also have been thinking maybe it would be nice to have names on them too.... then "nobody" will have to hang their towels up.


Johanna said...

Wow! Isn't it amazing what a little cleaning will lead to? We have had that same problem in a bathroom - with the color being much brighter than we anticipated. We have a ducky theme in our boy's bathroom and so we wanted the walls to be blue like water. We picked out a light blue - not too light as to be baby blue, more bright. Well, we (by that I mean Jerry) got it up and the first thing I said when I saw it was, "Holy Smurf, Batman!" It was the exact same color as a smurf. So we got a darker blue glaze and textured it with a sponge. Now I had to help with this because it is impossible to glaze properly by yourself (or so Jerry said.) Picture me, 8 1/2 months pregnant, in a small bathroom with Jerry and a ladder trying to sponge on glaze. There were times that I literally could not turn around because my tummy was too big with the ladder and Jerry so I had to sit on the floor while Jerry carried the ladder out over my head. He then had to come in and help me off of the floor so I could turn around and finish the sponging! What fun memories!

Tina said...

OH Johanna that is hilarious to picture!!!
I am jealous, Meagan... after 9 years in military housing and 2 years renting, I am so eager to own a home that we can paint! :-) You should post a picture of your bathroom!

Joanna said...

that's *really* funny johanna!

see, tina knows how i'm feeling!

Meagan said...

Well I tried to take a picture... Here's the hard part though, the bathroom has nothing grand about it to take a picture of... ie no focal point... and the bathroom is too small to be able to take a picture of anything while standing inside it. Since I am doing the painting in stages I can't just stand outside the door and take a picture of it since it hasn't been finished either.... Then the pictures I did take didn't show true color.... so I got frustrated erased thie pictures and wrote about it instead. Maybe when we are all done you'll get a picture... Maybe. If I can figure out how. : )

But the color is growing on us... I have really come to like the brightness of the green that greats us when I go in there. I am thinking maybe we will just leave it like that for a while and see how it goes. Maybe the cheeriness is just what the winter blahs needed.

Oh and it might be awhile till I finish it too. Mike says it needs at least two coats (to waterproof it more) and since I am not using a roller but just a little brush in half hour stints, it is still going to take awhile even though it isn't a big bathroom. I just find it so much easier to do the painting with a kid around if there isn't a roller involved.

Ravenhill said...

Your new paint sounds exciting! It is so hard to know what a little color chip is going to look like on a wall isn't it!? I have had the same problem many times. I have found green a hard color. We painted our hallway in a previous apt what we thought was a bright and cheery spring green. It turned out much darker than we thought but we got to liking it.