31 January 2008

Fun With the Kids

So I've been largely absent here since the holidays. The problem is that I haven't really been crafting at all. I've had work to do, but I don't like posting my work that I get paid for, and I haven't touched my sewing machine other than to complete an order since Christmas! I think I am rebelling since I did so much just before Christmas - I wore myself out. What I have been thoroughly occupied with is my children. You know, potty training, correcting all out defiance, curbing temper tantrums...oh, and some playing! Today, I gave them each a pile of shaving cream on the table and just let them go to town! They are having so much fun with this! I took the pictures I have on here, but they are still playing and now it is pretty much everywhere. It will take a bit of clean up, but can't you tell they are having a blast?


Joanna said...

WOW! that is totally cool! shaving cream, eh? i never would have thought of that!

Johanna said...

It's an old school house trick. Shaving cream cleans pencil marks off of school desks. So...when the desks get nasty, break out the shaving cream! The kids have a blast "cleaning" the marks off without even knowing it!

Joanna said...

WOW! what a great idea! maybe i should try that on my dinner table.