29 January 2008

Has anyone explored....

The slow-cooker recipe section on the flylady website? I have and love what I have tried so far..... Today I am making a roast chicken in the slow cooker. Doesn't that sound odd? This might be old news to all of you, but I had never thought you could cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker! This is the second time I have tried it. Just put a whole chicken in the slow cooker with 1 cup of water and cook all day on low. This time I stuffed the cavity with onion, a few sliced garlic cloves and cut up carrot for some added flavor. It comes out falling off the bone and moist as can be! mmmm... I then pick all the extra chicken off the bone and use it the following night for Leanne's chicken and bean burritos (part of her rubber chicken recipe http://www.savingdinner.com/archives/recipes/rubber_chicken.html )
Put the chicken in a skillet with a can of drained black beans, on teaspoon each of garlic powder and cumin, heat and serve in tortillas with all the extras.... sour cream, rice, corn, salsa, cheese. MMMMMM.
Tonight I think I will make some flat bread with my dinner... maybe tomorrow I will make my own tortillas if Jo shares her recipe ;-)


Joanna said...
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Joanna said...

i knew you could cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker but i never have because i didn't know a good recipe but how simple and scrumptious does onion, garlic and carrot sound? YUMMY! i'm going to make that. and then the burritos sound delicious, too! i think i'm heading to the butcher this morning.

oh my tortialla recipe is simple as can be and delicious and it's on the web at:

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Johanna said...

I made tortillas yesterday! My recipe is similar - but I don't use baking powder in mine. You can find it at http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/flourtortillas.htm. It is really easy, too. I would absolutely recommend using real animal lard. They turn out so much better that way!

I have also tried a whole chicken in the crockpot and loved the way it turned out. I plan to try those burritos too!