17 January 2008

I Think I'm Going to Cry!

I broke my embroidery machine. I really am going to cry. I was embroidering a catering company name on a group of chef coats and I got up from the machine to get one I had just finished so I could trim it while the next one embroidered. Well, this jacket was big enough that part of it was on the floor, somehow intertwined with my foot, and as I walked it pulled the coat - hoop and all - right out of the machine. It pulled the embroidery arm so that it is completely wrong and the needle broke and embedded the portion remaining in my machine into the hoop. I pried the needle out of the hoop, changed the needle, re-positioned the arm, and tried to re-hoop the coat and finish, but alas, it is too far off from the settings to work. The needle just breaks right away. I am going to have to drive to the dealer, an hour away, to have it serviced, shell out over $100 to do it, and call the customer (fortunately my dad) to tell them that I cannot deliver the coats tomorrow after all. I also had some starter jackets and a coaches shirt to embroider tonight. Money lost...and more that has to be spent. How depressing is this?


Joanna said...

oh my gosh! that's AWFUL! that's terrible! oh my gosh. i'm so sorry. if it makes you feel any better, del has the chicken pox.

Tina said...

That just sounds really sad! I would have been in tears. I hope it all gets worked out quickly. :-(