04 January 2008

Speaking of Food..

I have been really craving Korean food lately. Bulgogi and cucumber kimchi. mmmm…. I remember a few years back when Jo came to my house and made some outstanding Bulgogi….. So, Jo - why don’t you post the recipe?? There are, as you may imagine, no Korean places here to eat. TONS of Indian places though! Anyone know any good recipes for cucumber kimchi?

Here is a quick dinner my family loves -

Cut chicken breasts into strips and cook in frying pan with soy sauce, water, (ratio 2 water to one soy sauce) good amount of ginger, a few pinches of sugar, one clove of minced garlic. (enough liquid that the chicken is sort of simmering in it, and the extra liquid is good over rice) Cook until almost done… add in some steamed broccoli and finish up. Serve with rice. Yummy. Sorry, I don’t measure anything or I would give more precise directions! My kids LOVE this. Also works well if you increase the ingredients and boil chicken drummettes in it. We had this tonight. Big hit.

by Tina


Joanna said...

sounds like shoyu chicken or teriyaki chicken. both big hits in this house, too. i’ll look for my recipe for bulgogi and bibimbap and then i’ll post them and maybe marie’s shoyu chicken recipe unless marie wants to post that herself.

i threw away the sedar plate today as i was cleaning my house. that was hard to do! so sad.

Joanna said...

by johanna

That does look yummy. I’ll have to try it. I have to say, though, that I don’t understand craving Korean food. I just haven’t been able to really get into it. I like Japanese food though. Part of my problem is that Jerry won’t eat anything remotely Asian, so I don’t make much of it. I’ll make the occasional stir fry, but leave it very bland and add seasoning to mine after it is on my plate.

Joanna said...

oh how sad! there is another entire universe of food out there when you add asian to your diet!

if you had spent no less than 12 months but more like 15-24 in korea, constantly being bombarded with kimchi, bulgogi, kalbi, chapche, and a horde of other korean foods you’d have a taste for it, too. it’s *really* good!!!!

we just went to samwon garden on monday and had dolsot bibimbap, bulgogi, duigi-gogi and lots of banchan, including oi kimchi. yummy! it’s expensive here though. i miss paying only 5000 won for a huge meal, instead of $17 for one plate.

Joanna said...

by tina

Oh I am so jealous Jo!! I want to go back to korea for only 1 reason… to eat at the Bulgogi House just off base… remember that? Great duigi gogi, and that yummy cold cinnamon-y drink they served after… that was delicious.. what was that?

Joanna said...

i know! it was tasty! i can’t remember what the drink was called. maybe i’ll see if i can find a recipe.