17 January 2008

The Sugar Question

Lately I've been thinking about sugar a lot. We (as a people) have a lot of refined sugar in our diets. When Johanna came to visit in August we talked about sugar extensively. Johanna doesn't eat any sugar and it would have been very rude to not feed her whist she was here; it was quite a learning experience for me to actually look at every lable and make sure there was no sugar in what I was buying. Johanna showed me words that may have sounded like they weren't sugar but actually were. So that got me thinking about sugar...a lot. I found a website called Sweet Savvy which has an extensive list of sweeteners that are a healthy choice. The one I was most interested in was evaporated cane juice because it's sugar, only it's not refined. You can use it just like sugar in recipes and it tastes just like sugar, well...because it is sugar. So, I've been trying to find this stuff and I thought I never would. I was at Publix today in the baking isle because sugar was on my grocery list and LO AND BEHOLD!!!!
Beautiful, lovely, wonderful EVAPORATED CANE JUICE!!!! It's got one ingredient: evaporated cane juice. I super, duper, absolutely, splenderifously dig that. The price was about 3-4 dollars for three pounds of sugar. A price I'm more than willing to pay for a healthier choice for my family.

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