27 February 2008

Baby Shoes

Found the instructions on Pins and Needles

Pretty material, eh??

The Pieces of the pie... er I mean shoes.

Slightly assembled.

Almost done. I think I am going to sew a little ribbon bow on the side of each of the shoes to make it more distinct which shoe goes on which foot and hopefully to make them look a little less like two of the same foot shoes. I really did cut them in reverse of each other but the shoe pattern is almost flippable (is that a word??? It is at this time of night).

I also found out how to use my sewing machine a little better... Did I mention that I LOVE my sewing machine???? I mean LOVE! Well, I learned how to do button holes the automatic way (which I need some more practice with but thankfully you can't see them in the finished project) and that my sewing machine does serging! I love it. I can't stand doing projects that leave a raw seam open and this machine I got for Christmas does it all!!! I don't have to waste the counter space or storage in my tiny sewing room to be able to have the best of both worlds. It is really cool how it does it too, it works on two stitches at the same time one diagonally forward and the other diagonally backwards. I thought it was really cool! Unfortunately since it uses so much thread, I now have to go buy more before I can finish the other set of pink shoes. But what makes one feel like they actually accomplish stuff in sewing then using up the gazillion yards of thread that they sell us on a spool?!?!?!? I know I feel like I have accomplished something when I get to the end of the thread line! (especially when the majority of the thread is not in the waste basket beside me.)


Marie said...

They are so cute! Did you have to put elastic in? I'm really impressed that your sewing machine does serging. I've never heard of such a thing. What kind of sewing machine is it?

Johanna said...

Very cute, Meagan! I think these will make a very nice gift. It is quite fun to discover new things that your machine does, isn't it?

Meagan said...

Yes I have to do the elastic and I haven't done it yet on that those shoes that are almost done...

I have a pfaff sewing machine. Pretty new though I did buy it as a second hand machine. Technically it uses a special foot which I have and did use though I didn't notice much difference between the special foot and the regular foot. Check your instruction manuel though cause you never know, you might have it too!

Joanna said...

meagan, those are sooooooooo stinking cute!!!! great job! i wear a size 5 and i like brown and red and blue.