15 February 2008

Hey Girls! I'm Back!

I wonder how many posts I've name "I'm Back!" ... I'm not a very devoted blogger. I'm sorry I haven't been around even to comment. But I still love you guys! really. I wasn't sure how to start things up again, but when I saw this:


I just knew I had to share. I thought: "That's why I want to have kids!" So they can give me cool stuff like that :) Okay, I know they're good for other stuff too (like taking the garbage out and washing dishes.) But seriously, isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever seen?

I'll try to catch you up on what's been going on as quickly as possible as to not make this the most boring post ever. Shane's sister's oldest son Josef (13-years old) has had a rough life and wasn't/isn't doing too well in school (did you know that some schools call F's, E's now?) Well, needless to say he's been a handful. And we are learning a lot about ourselves and Shane and I are having to concentrate on staying together on this, instead of letting it divide us. Having only one 3-year old boy sure seems like a piece of cake at this point. Also, as Joanna mentioned, I have the flu. Sometimes I wonder how much more my little body can take. Everyday I find myself thinking that being a single mom must be the hardest job on the planet. How do they do it?

As for knitting? crafting? cooking? I've been doing some of that too! I'm almost done with Caleb's light blue sweater and I made the most incredible butter-free peanut-butter oatmeal cookies that I have to post. Unfortunately, the second batch I made with a tiny bit more peanut butter and they were so awful! So I'll have to test out the original first to make sure that it'll come out right. Also, I've been trying to hem my pants. What? What's that you say? I'm a tease? I know. Sorry for not posting any pictures. But I thought I'd atleast say hi! and catch you up in the mean time.


Joanna said...

oh so cute!

i almost made my "flourless peanutbutter cookies". maybe i will and we'll have a peanut butter cookie cook off. i bet mine will be better than yours. ha ha!

btw, welcome back. did you read that you gave me the flu over the phone? that very night i got sick! thanks a lot!

Johanna said...

Well, you guys can keep your flu to yourselves. I really don't want to get it! It's really good to hear from you again, Marie. I've missed hearing about what's going on in your life here. Sorry that things are rough for you right now. The past three months have been rough for me too on many levels.

Anyway, I hope that you figure out your peanut butter cookies soon! Although, unless they can be made sugar-free, the recipe won't do me any good!

Tina said...

Nice to hear from you :-)