04 February 2008

Meagan's handiwork

So Meagan wanted me to post a few pictures of the things that she's made that she gave me. First here's the notebook covered that she talked about earlier -

Please excuse the blurriness of the photos. I had an eye doctor's appointment and my eyes were dialated when I took these pictures, so everything looked blurry to me! The notebook cover is reversable, but unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of the other side. It's really cute though, thanks Meagan!

Next, here's the blanket that Meagan made for me last Christmas. It appears to be the perfect size for a baby blanket, so I don't know if she is trying to give me hints about something!


Meagan said...

Hey, they look GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe.

Johanna said...

Those look really nice, Meagan! Can't wait to see more from you, Leah!

Joanna said...

ok, so...this sounds dumb but i am FINALLY inspired with something neat to say about this post. i really like lots of comments on posts.

meagan showed me these pics of the notebook cover. i thought it was a good idea to use prequilted fabric for it, cut down on some of the work. i thought the idea of using bias tape or a binding on it was a good one but meagan said she didn't like it. do you still think that?

i wish i could see the quilt better. how do you get it to go real big when you click on it? how do you like my techie talk? i'm smooth, eh?

ok, leah, we're all breathlessly awaiting your third post!

speaking of that, marie are you slacking? kainoa, surely you've made something in the last month. like food! post a recipe or something. we're starting to miss you guys. tina! i know you've been busy with aidan being sick and all but how's that sock coming along?

Joanna said...

oh yeah! i posted a link to my pita recipe on 'i have to say...' and did you see all the comments that the nice ladies left? yeah!

Meagan said...

lol. I know I miss you guys too. Something fishys in the air.... okay so I don't know what I am talking about but at least it is another comment for the post.

Yeah I still like the ribbon better cause it cut down on the ulk and the bias tape that I was using was the really thin kind that is just so hard to work with. The prequilted stuff worked better on the second one that I did cause I did resort to using the binding first instead of trying to blindstich the sides closed. It was even better that it was remnant leftovers. Which reminds me, I gotta get the second one mailed out.