13 February 2008

A Valentine Tutorial

Woven Heart Baskets

Pattern originally published by Minnesota Fabrics


1/4 yard material A -Suggested plaid taffeta or cotton

1/4 yard material B - Suggested solid broadcloth

3/4 yard fusible webbing

1-1 1/2 yards of ribbon

Fray Check

Tacky glue or needle and thread

Pinking shears

pattern template items

Tailors chalk


Fold material A in half crosswise. Press. Cut fusible webbing to fit inside the fabric layers. Fuse.

(basically you are reinforcing the fabric into two layers to give more stability) Repeat for material B.

Trace pattern and cut out. (See end)

Cut six of each pattern from the materials. Fray check edges.

Fold each pattern piece in half crosswise (hamburger fold) and press. Figure 1.

Lightly mark with tailors chalk slash marks. cut on lines with pinking shears. Fray check edges.

Weave strips of fabric A with strips of Fabric B. Straighten out weaving by pulling fabric gently. Figure 2 and 3. (basically identical to the placemat weaving from elementary school classes)

Attach 9 inches of ribbon as handles at the inner points of the heart with either glue or needle and thread. Figure 4.

Fill with candy, etc and give as a valentine!

Pattern Piece:

Pattern measures 3 inches across by 6 inches in length at greatest length. Figures beside pattern correlate to step 5, 8, and 10.


Joanna said...

cool! maybe i'll do this with the girls today. ella especially would love it. it's amazing how much more fun holidays are with kids. i've never been into valentine's day but today is going to be FUN FUN FUN! ...as long as i'm loaded up with motrin, tylenol and coffee. i'm exhausted.

Johanna said...

Did you make one, Meagan? I'd love to see it if you did!

Joanna said...

what a disaster...i was too sick to even finish dinner so i didn't try one of these yesterday. i was going to make rice pilaf to go with the yummy lemon and garlic chicken i made in the slow cooker, instead i laid on the floor moaning and del reheated some rice. nice, eh?