02 March 2008

Meal Plan Monday

I know there seems to be quite a lot of talk about food lately. So, I thought, why not talk even more? I've been pretty darn good about planning meals lately. Before Josef, we would just eat a grilled cheese sandwish (Shane) or miso soba noodles (me and Caleb). But now that we have Josef, it seems more important to provide variety in our diet. So here's what my menu is for this week.


Easy Tamale Casserole
This recipe was in Whole Foods "Meals for Four under $15" flyer. If you use another brand of corn bread mix, be aware that all the ingredients after the corn bread mix (on list of ingredients) is what the box of corn bread calls for. Also this is supposed to feed 8, so will last us two days.


Stuffed Red Peppers
I made some alterations. I bought 6 red peppers from Costco, so I'll use 6 instead of the 4 called for in the recipe. Also, I like to use sausage instead of the ground pork and beef. Lastly, I don't like to spend the money on the jarred cheese and salsa, so I just use 1/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar and 1/4 cup salsa (since we always have this stuff around).

Zatarain's Black Beans and Rice mix
I will just make this as the box directs (won't add anything). I realize that the peppers already have rice and meat and could be a meal in itself. But I want to stretch it out so this will last two days for us.


Pig in the Blankets
My mom used to make this (as maybe everyone's mom did) for my brother and i when we were little and i loved it! Buy:

2 containers of crescent rolls
1 package of Lit'l Smokies Smokes Sausage

I usually get the reduced fat crescent rolls, cause I can't tell the difference and the smokies are not so good for you.
Just wrap the smokies in the crescent dough and bake as directed on the crescent roll container. That's it!

Also, I will make:
Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

You might have trouble finding the frozen butternut squash. They had it at the Giant in Manassas, but don't have it here at the Giant in Arlington. I'm hoping I will find it at Whole Foods. Also, I plan on substituting the cream for buttermilk since I will have leftover from the Tamale Casserole.

I hope this inspires you!!


Kainoa said...

Yummy, but what happens on Thursday? Leftovers? I love stuffed bell peppers, but Derrek wont eat them. So eat one for me ok. I made pork shoulder in the crock pot today and am going to split it in half since it is all shredded now and add salsa verde to make chili verde with tortillas to one-half and bbq sauce to make pulled pork sandwiches to the other half. I think it is great that you have a meal plan for the week. Derrek and I should do that. I actually now have him plan and make the tuesday meal for dinner! Isn't that great! On thursday we go out so it's kind of nice to have a break every now and then. Let me know how the Tamale turns out. OHHHHH...a whole foods is opening up by roseville mall and I am so excited!!!!!!

Joanna said...

cool, thanks marie. this might help us all have some variety in our meals.

tomorrow we're having: hummus, tabbouleh, pita, stuffed grape leaves. YUMMY!!!

Kainoa said...

Wow, Joanna, that sounds yummy too! I love hummus and pitas!

Johanna said...

I used to plan my meals in great detail, but I have gotten away from it...I should get back to it, though. Otherwise we don't eat as well, and spend more money runing to the store last minute to grab this or that! Good job, Marie!

Is Josef a picky eater?

Marie said...

Yes, Thursday is leftovers. I like to cook enough to last us two days at least. I will have to make some bbq pork sandwiches, even though i don't like bbq sauce, cause shane saw Johanna's and now wants me to make them. that's what i get for telling you guys to make only what i want, right? :) so, i have to buy pork shoulder? is there some other cut i could buy? I'm so happy for you that you will get to go to Whole FOods. it isn't as expensive as a lot of people think. lots of things are cheaper than Giant's regular prices. WF's produce is pricey, but it lasts a long time, so you don't have to worry about consuming it by the next day. Also, they start new sales every tuesday, so i only buy what produce is on sale.

Also, no, Josef is picky. he doesn't like mushrooms, but that seems to be it. he seems to think it's weird that we eat leftovers, but he'll get over it. he actually compliments me a lot on the food i make. it's really nice, cause shane won't say anything unless i ask.

Marie said...

i meant that Josef *isn't* picky.

Johanna said...

You could use any pork roast. I think mine was a pork butt - but I don't really remember. Any cut would work though, as long as it is a roast and not slices or chops!

Kainoa said...

You don't have to use pork shoulder, I just did because my friend that made it used that. You could use pork loin I am sure, it all cooks down the same, just a little fat on it is good for flavor too, and I am a picky one with the fat. I will sit and pick out every yucky piece before I eat it! I can give you my recipe if you want, sometimes it depends on how big your crock pot is! It was delicious though!