16 April 2008

Two Weeks, No Slacking

I have two weeks to sew as much as I please...well, around breakfast and lunch and dinner and, "Can we go for a walk" and, "Lily needs her diaper changed again" and all that good stuff. This past weekend I cut out four pajamas bottoms, one shirt and one dress. I've finished all of that except for the shirt. We are having Passover at my parents house this weekend so I want the girls to have a new dress each. I've finished Rachel's. Here she is in it. I think she's so cute!
Here are all the pants for Tina's girls. I think they turned out so well. The pants are going to be a bit long on Katherine, but at least she'll have room to grow in them. I think. I wish I could have tried them on her in person. Tina, you need to move to Florida. So, the box for Tina is done. In it will be a dress and four pairs of pants and some surprises. I feel sort of bad sending stuff to the girls and not to the boys so I'm trying to decide what I should do about that.


Johanna said...

Cute, cute, cute! You've been really busy!

Meagan said...

Very nicely done. I like the length, even though it isn't often you see that long of a dress at that age. I think I might forgo the pink socks with the sandals though for Passover. Hehe.

You could always make the boys a pair of pajama pants too, or a night shirt. Then they would all get the same thing.

Tina said...

You Rock.
Sorry, our internet has been down.
I LOVE the pants. The girls will be so excited.
Don't stress about the boys. jack is too young to notice and Aidan is still thrilled with his jammie shirts from Christmas!