03 May 2008

All or Nothing

I keep coming up with stuff I want to post. Yet, I've posted more in the past two days than I have in the past two months. I guess I'm all or nothing when it comes to the blog. I'm just so darned excited about a new game to play. Anyway, I noticed people are still voting on May even though we've already settled on soup. And it made me think about how people other than ourselves can vote. And isn't that great?!!? It never dawned on me, for some reason, that others might enjoy watching all of this. So, maybe we should post a new poll for June already. Do you guys have suggestions for themes? I was thinking we should keep breakfast and dessert, since there has already been interest. Any others you guys want to see?


Johanna said...

I would like to see side dishes and quick breads. I'm always looking for something more exciting than plain rice or plain potatoes to pair with meat - and I've never met a muffin I didn't like.

Some month, it would also be fun to put up categories such as: Mexican, Italian, American, and Chinese. (Korean might give some here an advantage, though...although we could do Asian instead of Chinese and that would include all sorts of cuisines.) You could even throw in "Meals on a budget" to that grouping. That way, we wouldn't be limited by soup, salad...just by the country of origin.

Marie said...

oh! the possibilities! i hope we can manage to keep this going. i like "meals on a budget". and what about meals that mom made during our childhood? or dad, don't want to be sexist. that might be interesting.

side dishes sounds scary to me cause i make the same things: white rice or boxed flavored rice. but it would be good to be forced to think outside the box.

Joanna said...

Johanna - you're just jealous because I can make better cucumber kimchi than you can. ;)

I agree, let's keep desserts and breakfast. Maybe instead of a specific type we make "ethnic,"...nah that's dumb, but I'd like to make middle eastern, but maybe that's not so practical. Anyway, great ideas. GREAT. I'm very excited y'all!

Joanna said...

PIZZA! Remake pizza.

Tina said...

I think it all sounds great, great, great!
Let's try it all!