01 May 2008


FINALLY- A finished project to show! I made this, my first prayer shawl for my older sister. I really enjoyed it. After getting nearly half way through I noticed a mistake I had made near the beginning. I had switched to ribbing for one section of several rows. My friend told me to try to work it into the shawl a few more times, and I did. I was a little wary of how it would turn out, but I LOVE it. You can see one of the mistakes?/irregularities? in this picture if you look closely. Here is some info on the prayer shawl ministry if you are curious.

And, this is some really great 100% merino sock yarn (hand painted, no less)
That my totally awesome friend Trish got for me when she went to Wales last weekend for a wool festival. How great is that? This picture does not in any way at all do justice to how beautiful it is. I really wish I would have taken a pic of it in the hank before I wound it into the center-pull ball. It looked lovely in the hank!


Joanna said...

It's lovely! I can see the ribbing but it's not that noticeable. I'm sure any knitter will say, "What in the world" but all the rest of us won't notice. I don't think I would have noticed if you hand't pointed it out.

Look at you using all that cool knitting vernacular. "Hank?" You are so cool.

Johanna said...

That is beautiful, Tina! I could see the ribbing that you were talking about, but I didn't think it really detracted from the shawl at all - it looks intentional since you repeated it.

Marie said...

it came out very nice Tina! i like the pattern that you used. i think it would be perfect to use for some yarn i've been holding for a couple years now. i can see what you're talking about, where you forgot to continue the pattern. this happened to me once with a hat i made for Caleb. I just finished the hat instead of fixing it. he really loved that hat. too bad it doesn't fit him anymore.