21 May 2008

Joanna was right, of course.

So I had this material that I had bought at least six months ago for making pj bottoms...

and then it sat there, waiting for the inspiration needed to actually turn it into something. Well today was the day when it happened... mostly.

Joanna was right, the pj bottoms are VERY EASY to make.... except for the fact that they turned out WAY too big for Savannah to wear. According to the instructions and measurements they should have been all right, but I think maybe she will be 6 by the time she actually outgrows them.... especially if I make the elastic adjustable. I think they would hold up that long though too, cause (and I am very proud of myself for this) I serged all the edges so there are no raw edges!

I would show you a picture of them with her in it so you could really get a laugh, but well, I only have two hands and that would take at least three.... why??? Because there is at least three extra inches on each side of her waist that I would have to hold up.... and I can't do that and take the picture. Sorry, not that multi-talented.

In the end, I think she will get to wear them since the elastic will take up a lot of the slack, and I haven't hemmed them (they hit right around the knees... almost like capri pants.). Next time though I will know to shorten them before sewing it up!


Ravenhill said...

They turned out super-cute anyway!!!
~Emily xxx

Joanna said...

Fantastico!!! Good job. Now you won't be intimidated next time.

Meagan said...

Can't say it was so much intimidated as much as it was just plain lazy.... If it was intimidation, it was in figuring out how to keep Savannah busy while I did it.

Tina said...

I think they turned out cute :-)
Just duct-tape 'em on... we won't tell... ha ha ha
(but if you do, you HAVE to post a pic, cuz that would be GREAT!)