15 May 2008

Mundane and not-so-Mundane Sewing

So I have been given a rather mundane sewing task by my dear husband. I must admit that it isn't that I mind doing it for him, but rather I just don't like doing it in general. Here is my task:

It is a hole. That means that the project set before me is one of mending. I am not one who likes to mend very much cause it just never looks as good as if the hole just wasn't there in the first place. Now if it was anything except my husbands pair of jean shorts I would buy a nice little patch to go over it that made the pants look a little fancier. But it isn't... instead it is my husbands pair of pants and a little soccer ball on his butt next to the pocket is just not going to work.

At least I found this guide to jean hole mending.

So I looked through my fabric stash, and here are the four alternatives that I found.

The first one is just a plain dark blue fabric. The second is kind of a blue bandana fabric, which I could cut out just a little square and sew it over the hole, but I think both options I would still have to have a stronger backing behind it sot that the hole didn't reappear. The third option is a blue jean material, but as you can see it is a lot darker than the actual pair so I don't know.... then what shape would it be... Option four I would have to back just like the other ones, but I could cut out like a little watermelon slice or something like that... Is that too girlie???

Anyways, enough of the mundane sewing stuff.

On to Zoe's baby blanket. Here is the front. It is hard to tell but it is Chenille squares, sewn patchwork style. It only is 30 inches across, but 45 inches long. So it isn't a very standard size but since it was remnant material I can't complain.

And here is the material I found for the back. I was walking around Joann's wondering "what should I use... what should I use...." Then I found this material. I fell instantly in love with it and just had to use it. There were several different background colors to pick from and different colors of the butterflies, but I liked this one against the lighter pink chinelle, and it pulled in all the shades of pink and yellow I needed so that it would look right in the nursery.

Now after it washes I can sew it all up... and her baby blanket will be ready for her arrival.


Joanna said...

I was scrolling down to see who posted this and before I got to the "Meagan" at the bottom I came across that butterfly material and I knew instantly that it was you. It such a Meagan material.

That blanket is going to be sssooooo cute! I can't wait to see the finished product.

I think that a little watermelon might jeopardize Mike's manliness so I'd probably stick with something much more mundane. You can firm up the other fabrics with interfacing and that will work just fine. I personally like the bandana material, but I'm not a man so I'd ask his opinion. I think Del would balk.

Marie said...

Meagan, you're so funny! You should not put a watermelon on your husband's jeans. Although, I have to say, I would love to see it happen cause it would be that cute funniness that I just love. Kinda like the admin guy who sits near me who has dreads (yes, he's black), is obsessed with the NFL and puts a tiny little bear, with its legs crossed, in his chair when he isn't there. I think it's the funniest thing!

I really like the fabric that you chose for the baby blanket. It's colorful, but not obnoxious at all.

Johanna said...

I'm with the other ladies about the watermellon. I'd probably go with a plain blue or the bandana.

Love the baby blanket! It's going to look great when it is finished!

Meagan said...

lol... yeah I thought the watermelon was a little too much... but there just isn't much out there for fixing holes for men's jeans... well, I didn't try Joanns, because it was too far away and I really would like to get it done... Did you note the fact that I have stalled on it all day though?

Leah said...

that blanket is going to be so cute!

Tina said...

The blanket is going to be great... you should post a picture here when it is done. I love pretty baby blankets :-)
And Marie- that is HILARIOUS about the guy you work with! Hard to picture, but hilarious.