20 May 2008

Some gardening and gypsy lace!

Just a little bit! ha ha. This is my first EVER attempt to garden... Doesn't look like much , huh? Well, off in the corner there are a few french marigolds that Aidan started growing at school and some lobiela's that we bought at a school fundraiser. And then, yet to be seen, are the sunflowers that we planted. AND, I trimmed the heck out of that bush (it was taking over).
Baby steps here, folks. Don't laugh at me. I also have 2, yes 2, hanging baskets! Go me :-)

Here is a (not great) picture of the gypsy lace I bought today. This older lady knocks on my door about every 6-8 months selling this hand-made 'gypsy lace' (as she calls it). It is really beautiful, much more so in person. ( I seriously need to take a photo class from Ravenhill). Even beyond how pretty it is, it is a neat experience. This lady is super-nice, refers to herself as a gypsy (though, to be honest, I am not at all sure what that entails) She talks of working these up by the fire and is always chatting and saying funny little things. Elena, my 2 year old, is very interested in this nice lady, who never comes in just stands outside and chats. Last time she came around I bought 2 small bits from her but really wanted something like this and couldn't get myself to spend the money. I regretted it ever since and was really pleased she came back by today. It is NOT cheap, especially when you count in the fact that i paid in pounds. But worth it, I think.


Joanna said...

It's beautiful!

Marie said...

Go you! I can't wait to see more pictures of your garden as everything starts to come in. I hate bushes. I had Shane rip out about 10 bushes at our townhouse. They're just pains in the butt, as far as I'm concerned. That lace looks like it took a *long* time to make. Is it crocheted? Even though you paid a lot of money I'm sure it still comes out to be like $2 an hour.

Johanna said...

How fun! I'll have to photograph my two little gardens. I actually have baby lettuce ready to harvest. That stuff grows so fast! If you're looking for some instant gratification, get a packet of mesclun mix and get to work!

Love the lace too. That looks like it took forever to make.

Meagan said...

A fellow gardener, Yeah!!!!

Well, yes, you do have to start small, just like everything new you try in life. I started by buying a plant and sticking it in the ground to see if it would grow... and some did and some didn't. Then you just keep getting better the more times you try. Some work and some don't... like the back flower beds... right now they are a no go... but the beans and cantalopues re doing really good right now!