12 May 2008

Time For Some Links, Methinks

In case you guys are getting bored, here are some blogs and websites to un-bore you.

- My Half Of the Brain has tons of great ideas and tutorials. Look at the cute dahlias made from rickrack. I think I'll try this out for Ella's dress.

- I followed this link from My Half Of the Brain because I desperately need something permanent and lovely to toss trash into in my van. I think I might make it a bit differently but the general idea is really great. Go visit Allyson Hill for a Car Litter Bag tutorial.

- Cottage Magpie has a quick tutorial on how to make a throw pillow cover in ten easy steps. I really like her fabric choice.

- I always love to be inspired to make ugly things pretty. Fresh Vintage has toady's inspiration for just such a thing. She also has a tutorial up for making your own fabric labels to sew into items that you've knit or sewn and it looks so easy.

- I think that if I were to really get into knitting, I'd make these cool dishcloths first, and use them as washcloths since we can never seem to keep washcloths in the house longer than say, 5 minutes. There's a link to a free tutorial for the knit patterns there. I really like Don't Call Me Becky, she's a talented blogger.

- I can't wait to make one of these cute little Japanese coin purses. There is a lot of knitting inspiration at The Purl Bee, but leave it to me to find sewing projects.

- I really like most things Japanese - except for eating a still beating frog's heart, ewwww - and this blog is full of great pictures and simple Japanese style. Plus, her name is Betty Ninja.

- Finally, I know you are all at least trying your hand in making your own bread. Need some good help? Check out Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I want to buy the book so I can keep up with the blog.


Meagan said...

I like the car containers over at Craft Apple better. It has a flat bottom that can sit directly on the floor and it holds other stuff too.... like a box of wipes or tissues and stuff.

Tina said...

So... who wants to make me the car litter bag??? Come on! SOMEONE has to... I am sewing-challenged, it is a serious handicap! Really, it is... you don't know how I suffer!

Marie said...

I really like those car litter bags. But I could totally see me spending $100 just to make it. Not to mention the years it would take to complete. So, thankfully, she sells them on Etsy for only $19! I'm so getting one! I really like Ninja Betty too. I bookmarked her.

Marie said...

You know, every time I see "car litter bag", I think it says CAT litter bag! hahaha!

Joanna said...

I like Craft Apple's car organizer, too but I just don't have the time or gumption to take on that project. I'd buy one but I'm cheap.

We'll see Tina.

I knew you'd like Ninja Betty Marie!!

Joanna said...


Joanna said...

Wow, I like that Zinnia one. It's really pretty. I like the colors a lot.

Marie said...

You can't have it Joanna! It's mine! That's really the one that I was thinking of ordering. We have good taste :)

Joanna said...

LOL, that's hilarious!!! You're right we do have good taste