09 June 2008

Too Funny!

So my pastor made a really funny sewing faux pas in church this week, and I thought you all might get a kick out of it! Our church adopted a local elementary school last year. We have done things with the children, provided Christmas gifts for some of the kids, and hold a Good News Club after school for the kids who stay for it. Anyway, we decided that over the summer we would remodel their teacher's lounge. During the announcements, there was a Power Point slide with the information for the "Extreme Makeover: School Edition" and there was listed on one part all the different skills that were needed. Because he didn't want to exclude any potential males who were handy with a sewing machine, rather than putting "seamstresses" were needed, his idea was to say "sew-ers" but without the hyphen, that just says, "sewers." Now we were wondering if we were working on the teacher's lounge or the bathroom! What exactly do we need sewers for??? Too funny. And how many men in the real world that you know will sign up for sewing over carpentry work?


Meagan said...

lol... That is good. Our society is so pathetically politically correct.

Joanna said...

Personally, I'm much more interested in sewing work than sewer work.

Tina said...

That is really funny. I bet he wishes he would have had someone look over it!