08 July 2008


I am really getting the itch to start selling SOMETHING in my Etsy shop. We are almost done with school for this year and I want to sew like mad for the month we'll have off so I can list some things to sell. I think if I'm going to sell stuff, I need to get cute fabric.

SOOOOOOO, remember how I told you that Randi - who's having another cool giveaway today - was starting a new fabric shop and I really liked her fabric choices and that I really wanted to buy something from her? Well, I did!!! Look what I bought.

I have several ideas of what to sew swimming around in my head. I think whatever it is, it needs to be easy to accomplish, cute and one-of-a-kind, like Emily's babushka dolls or Johanna's baby stuff. Genius!!!

I have a sewing fund that I've purchased this fabric out of. The fund is actually money I'm "saving" to buy the serger. Hopefully whatever I make from the fabric I bought today and the fabric I bought this past weekend will bring in some income so that I can get the serger. Actually, Tina paid me for the pajamas I made for Aidan and this fabric purchase came from that money. So, thanks Tina!

I can't wait to get the fabric!! Woohoo!!!


Tina said...

'Bout time you start stocking your Etsy shop!
Though I haven't checked lately, I hop on there every so often (yours and Marie's) to see what you have... and NOTHING!
Oh - and speaking of payments.... I FINALLY sent ya the money for the skirts. (I know, takes me a while... you should really consider charging interest)

Johanna said...

How fun! I love the fabric. She has an orange and blue bundle that I really like as potential nursery fabric...I need to check out the stores around here before I order though. It will be my standard that I compare things too.

I bet once school is done you will be a sewing maniac and we will have one sewing post after another! I cannot wait! I personally have been avoiding school the past two days. Not sure why...just really, really don't feel like doing it. Aaron's not complaining either. Maybe we both just need a small break.

Marie said...

How exciting! And that bundle you bought has so many different types that it presents a lot of opportunities. I like the blue and orange bundle also Johanna! But I have to use up what little fabric I have before I buy more. I'm determined to not grow a huge fabric stash, since I already have a ridiculously large yarn stash. We'll see how long my restraint lasts though...