06 July 2008

Nigella's Breakfast Bars

I wish I had found these last month for our recipe war. It was really easy and has so many possibilities! I found a copy of the recipe here. I used 1 cup pumpkin seeds and a 1/2 cup each of sunflower seed and almonds because that is what I had. No peanuts. I also used some dried apricots that I've had for way too long. I think that is the beauty of this recipe, it's a great way of getting rid of some nuts and dried fruit that you need to use up. I think next time, I will add peanut butter! Yummmm! Oh, and the most impressive thing about this is that, despite the presence of dried fruit, it is Shane approved.

1 comment:

Joanna said...

Hey, those look pretty darn good. I might have to make some of those.