07 July 2008

A Weekend To Remember

What a crazy weekend.

We drove up to St. Augustine on Thursday. After we got there Del almost immediately went golfing with my dad and Pastor Ronnie. Then on Friday he went golfing AGAIN with the same two people. Mike and Meagan came over and I got to meet Zoe.

They went home for a nap and came later for our 4th of July/Shabbat event. I got to hold Zoe a lot...practicing you know. She's got such long toes. An indication to me that she's going to be tall like her sister (Mike's REALLY tall). It's so funny how short and chubby my kids' toes are and how long and slim Meagan's kids' toes are. I think genetics are so fascinating. Anyway, it was really fun getting to have a wee one sleep in my arms. Ella and Sarah loved being able to hold Zoe and Meagan was quite brave in letting them. They were so careful with her. What good big sisters they are.


On Saturday we spent most of the day looking for rash guards and swim shorts for the girls. I really want these type of swim suits for them and they are next to impossible to find. I want to order these from Land's End because after our big waste of time on Saturday I'm convinced that Land's End is the only place with reasonable rash guards and swim shorts. Can you believe we drove around for 6 hours looking for these things? Want to know what I got out of that trip?


We ended the day with a visit to Joann's and I bought this fabric and some rick-rack and I want to make a toddler's clothing set to *maybe* sell in my Etsy-shop-that-has-nothing-in-it. Isn't it cute fabric?


Johanna said...

Wow, how fun! Baby Zoe is sure cute and it is great how much your girls love holding a new baby - especially since there will likely be many new babies in their own family to hold!

The fabric is cute, too. I cannot wait to see what you make with it!

Marie said...

Those pictures are great! Zoe seems to have a natural tan! And Ella and Sarah look like such pros holding her. And not that I was looking, but Meagan, I can see what all the fuss was about when you were talking a couple months ago about trouble finding bras that fit. Too bad you can't transfer some of that over to me and Joanna :)

Meagan said...

lol... yup. Now you know why it is such a challenge for me when breastfeeding to find a bra!!!! You would think I was the only one with the problem too, but I know I am not!

Meagan said...

After Savannah's holding her, Ella and Sarah holding baby Zoe was a breeze!