01 August 2008

Benefits of a Recipe War

Today, Jerry and I ate with my grandmother who is visiting from Germany at On The Border for lunch. If you're anything like we are, you can make a full meal out of the chips and salsa alone, much less the entree! Mmmmmmm.... But since we're speaking about entrees, let me tell you, we had good ones! Did you click on the "On The Border" link above? No! Well you really need to. Go ahead. Did you see the ad for the all new entree they are serving? That's right, Grilled Enchiladas. Are you drooling yet? We were - before we even got to the restaurant. That's because last week we saw a commercial for this new entree. Jerry was so excited, he actually rewound the TV to see it again. No joke. What can I say? We really like our Mexican food. Especially if it is TexMex. Especially if it is TexMex from On The Border. Anyway, I digress. Since we gorged ourselves, errr, I mean enjoyed a delightful amount of chips, salsa, and grilled enchiladas at lunch, neither of us was really hungry enough for a real dinner. So I heated up some leftover mac & cheese for the boys, and we scrounged the fridge for something to eat. ::here's the part that has to do with the recipe war:: Guess what I had for dinner? Leftover baked beans and corn casserole! Mmmmm.... And you thought that side dishes had to go on the side of something!


Marie said...

We've never eaten at On the Border, but there is one near the mall that we are going to today to see a movie. I checked out the menu and it looks SO good! I think I'll see if Shane wants to go there for lunch.

I ate corn casserole for breakfast yesterday :)

Leah said...

we totally had leftover baked beans and corn casserole for dinner one night too :)

Joanna said...

Oh my gosh, that's is so funny...I don't think I do that. Does that make me weird since the rest of you are eating side dishes for dinner and BREAKFAST!?