06 August 2008

Done and Done

Here are the job jars we made yesterday. I let the girls paint the ends of the Popsicle sticks and we just put scrapbook stickers and used some glue to make sure they stuck on. They're okay, but they didn't work so well today. Partly because we spent the ENTIRE day making this doll that Marie gave to Ella. It was very complex and all the teeny little pieces made it a job for mom and not for Ella. It came in a box with all the little pieces to cut out and the yarn for the hair and even a needle and scissors. My brain hurts now.

On the business side of things, I really like this pattern that I'm making Tina's third skirt out of. I get to cut it ON THE BIAS!!! I feel so cool. I've never made any piece of clothing on the bias before. I am making myself one out of a lightweight jeans material to practice because the fabric I'm using for Tina's is way cooler than the jeans material and I don't want to ruin it. So practice first.


Marie said...

That was really quick! They look great! You should give us an update in a week and tell us if it's working well.

I'm so sorry that the doll turned out to be difficult! Was Ella disappointed that she couldn't do more? It looks really cute though! Do you think Ella will be able to sew clothes?

That's cool about cutting on the bias. What ever that means. What does that mean?

Also, didn't you have a knife class? How'd it go? I was thinking about going to one myself, but I'd like to hear if you think it's worth the money.

Joanna said...

Ella wasn't in the least bit disappointed she couldn't do more. She stuffed it and cut out some stuff but I did the rest. She enjoyed watching the whole process. You'd have thought I was making her a doll made out of gold or something. She hasn't stopped playing with it since I finished it. Yes, I think she will be able to sew just fine.

There are three grains to fabric: lengthwise, crosswise and bias. Lengthwise is how most items of clothing are cut; the threads in the fabric run parallel to the selvedge edge. Crosswise threads run perpendicular to the selvedge. Bias runs at a right angle to the selvdge edge. Bias cut clothing have more give and natural stretch to them and they hang more elegantly than lengthwise cut clothing. Of course, it's not appropriate for every clothing application, but for skirts, it's almost ideal. IMHO. And currently very vogue.

The knife class was okay. Yes, I learned a lot. More on that later.

Meagan said...

Hey Jo, I am glad you are starting to get your energy back to tackle some of these projects.

Little Bits of Everything said...

The job jars look great...thanks for the sweet comment about mine...my boys did a great job making them but we are still working on using them, lol!