25 August 2008

More wedding "stuff"

OK Meagan, this one's for you :)

I've been making and decorating things myself to try to save some money on this wedding. We are going to have 25 tables at the reception and alternate between two centerpieces. The first we will make with flowers from Costco. (Did I already show you guys this? I don't remember...) The center candle will be a white pillar though, not taper.

The second centerpiece will be clusters of candles that I have decorated. I used ribbons, so that qualifies this as crafty, right? :) This was actually pretty fun to do. I got the candles at IKEA, and my roommate and I decorated them during our days off due to Tropical Storm Fay. I plan to get silver charger plates to set them on.

We learned rather quickly that tape doesn't work very well with candles and ribbon, so we ended up using small pins to hold them in place. Effective, and a bit decorative too!

Next I have for you my first draft at making the invitations. I'm making them all myself. I've ordered a whole bunch of linen textured cardstock, and I'm going to print, cut, and assemble them. This is what I made with the paper samples I ordered a few weeks ago. I've edited out last names, because well, this is the internet. I'm still tweaking some of the wording, but this will be the basic look. I love them!

Here is another crazy project I did during the storm last week. I had previously bought a ton of this black and silver scrapbooking paper (140 pages, to be exact). I decided to use it to make envelope liners. It was pretty tedious, but a good project for hurricane days while watching the olympics. The picture doesn't show it very well, but it is very pretty, in my humble opinion. Now I have about 280 5x7 pieces of this paper left. I need to think of a new project for it all.


Joanna said...

Oh.My.Gosh!! Leah, it's beautiful! I think it's fantastic that you're doing all this yourself. What great memories you'll have! Everything looks really beautiful. I really like the pins on the candles; very decorative. You are so creative and patient with this stuff. I probably would have stuff all that black paper in the trash during the maddening batmitton games.

Johanna said...

Your stuff looks beautiful! It looks like something you would have spent big bucks on - I don't think anyone who didn't know already would suspect that you had made it all yourself!

Marie said...

You've been busy! It's amazing what you've done! I love it all!

Kainoa said...

WOW! I just have to say I love your colors, your candles and your invitations! They are all absolutely wonderful and so elegant looking! Love the pins on the candles too, very smart idea! I think it is so great you are able to make all these things by hand and take pride in all of it! Your wedding is going to be absolutley BEAUTIFUL!!!! Did I tell you I LOVE the COLORS you picked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!