20 September 2008

September's Theme for the Recipe War

Just in case anyone is wondering what quick bread is, I thought I'd explain. It's bread that is leavened with baking soda or baking powder. Some examples are banana bread, muffins, scones, cornbread, biscuits and pancakes.

I added international food. We can use any recipe (side dish, main dish, dessert, etc.) that is from another culture. I think this one could be fun and a way to make us try new things.

Anything Fruity would be anything in which one of the main ingredients is fruit. It doesn't have to be the largest ingredient, but it must be prominent.

I tried to think of categories that were more broad so that we don't have to make too many dishes that are so similar.


Joanna said...

Great job on the prize posts Marie. Your pictures are pretty darn good! And I love the fabric you picked out for your prize. It's Moda, right? Good, I can't wait to win again.

Marie said...

They were in the fat quarter bin and didn't have a label, but I'm sure they're Moda. I had a really hard time picking three out that matched because the quilt shop was having a $1.50 fat quarter sale and there were tons of ladies who had picked through them. And I only got there 10 minutes after they opened!

I couldn't post the bigger pieces of fabric because of the five picture limit, but I'll post them as the fabric packs get chosen and make some room.